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YouTube Joins Hulu, Sling, in Streaming TV Series Online



YouTube will now be offering free, full-length original television series directly on their web page.

For now, only content provided by CBS is available but more broadcasters are expected to join YouTube on this as everything indicates that we are stearing away from standard TV and moving towards on-demand content.



Making YouTube Profitable



Like what you see? Then “Click to Buy”. You will see a lot of this on YouTube from now on.

It’s no secret, Google has been loosing a lot of money with YouTube because it’s not profitable enough. Sure, it’s popular, but it doesn’t bring profits to the company. As a first step in transforming YouTube into a money-making venture, Google started integrating non-intrusive links within certain video pages that promote different type of products and media.

Users will be able to buy the music tracks of certain music videos they like to watch, or buy a game or movie right after watching the preview or teaser. Partnerships have already been made with iTunes and Amazon.


Wordia (or YouTube + Wikipedia)



Here’s something interesting and kind of fun too: Wordia.

This site launched yesterday and could be described as a combination between YouTube and Wikipedia. People can pick a word and just send a video that they record about it. They can talk about the definition of the word or anything that this word ”inspires” them.

Could be fun to see what people think of some words 😉