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Universal’s Hulu is a huge success both in terms of subscribed users and also in terms of revenues for the company.

As of now, Hulu is offering video-on-demand streaming of movies and tv shows and this content can be viewed for free over the Internet. Profits to Universal come from advertisement from various companies.

Universal is now looking into offering the same service but this time it would be focused on the music industry. From cNet: The new venture would offer professionally produced music videos as well as other original programming that features the label’s artists.


HTC Touch HD Video

Since I speak both English and French, I prepared the following translation of some of the highlights in the video that the guys at Génération Phone House did of the HTC Touch HD cell phone.

They start by saying that the version they have on hand is not the definitive and final version but that it is almost production.

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Wordia (or YouTube + Wikipedia)



Here’s something interesting and kind of fun too: Wordia.

This site launched yesterday and could be described as a combination between YouTube and Wikipedia. People can pick a word and just send a video that they record about it. They can talk about the definition of the word or anything that this word ”inspires” them.

Could be fun to see what people think of some words 😉