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iTunes: 200 Million TV Downloads



Apple has done it again! The iTunes Store has been offering TV shows/series download for only 36 months and they have already hit 200 million downloads.

The iTunes Store offers TV shows and series downloads from NBC, CBS, MTV, HBO, etc. at $1.99 for standard definition and $2.99 for high definition.


YouTube Joins Hulu, Sling, in Streaming TV Series Online



YouTube will now be offering free, full-length original television series directly on their web page.

For now, only content provided by CBS is available but more broadcasters are expected to join YouTube on this as everything indicates that we are stearing away from standard TV and moving towards on-demand content.


Sling to Lauch Hulu Competitor Web Service

Sling Media

Sling Media

Still in Beta mode, Sling Media is launching their new TV Web Service/Portal to the public.

Dubbed “”, this new service will provide video streaming of quality movies, tv shows, reports, etc. and also allow SlingBox owners to view their home TV right on the web site!

We don’t know exactly when the service will be fully ready but we’re looking forward to it!


New AppleTV Coming Soon?



Rumors, rumors. Because of Apple’s announcement to their retail stores to “destroy all advertising material related to AppleTV”, speculations on what is going on have been pourring on the Internet.

Some say it’s nothing, some say that they might be removing the product from the shelves and replacing it with something else, others say it might just be an update to the existing product.

I’ll stick with the third theory as it is quite possible to see new AppleTVs with full 1080p HD capabilities and bigger hard drives (also SATA instead of PATA). When will that happen? Nobody knows for certain.


TiVo on your PC!



Coming Soon! Nero LiquidTV™ | TiVo® PC will allow you to have all the great features of a TiVo box (live recording, pausing, scheduling, etc. but minus the streaming over the Internet) on your Windows PC.

Some say it’s a little too late and that there are many options available already to consumers but nothing’s like the familiar TiVo interface. In fact, the interface and navigation will be the same as on TiVo boxes so it should be easy for people to learn how to work it out.

You can get a complete package including a Tuner card, software, remote control, and 1-year TiVo services subscription for $199.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

SlingBox+Android = TV on Your Phone

Sling Media

Sling Media

If you own a SlingBox and happen to have an Android mobile device, you’ll be happy to hear that you will soon be able to stream your own TV signal on-the-go, on your mobile device (cell phone, etc).

Imagine being on the bus and flipping channels on your phone as if you were right home sitting in your couch… very nice!

Sling Player Mobile is already available for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Symbian cell phones and PDAs. No word yet on an iPhone version.

Sling Media

Mitsubishi Laser TVs coming very soon

Mitsubishi LaserVue TV

Mitsubishi LaserVue TV

Laser TVs will surely be ”the next best thing” to hit the market. These TV sets will feature colors like we’ve never seen them before. So realistic apparently that people that were lucky enough to see the sets in action were stunned and tought there was some kind of trick!

If you are in the market for buying a new TV, wait for the laser TVs to be on the market as you might just want one 😉

We should see laser TV sets appearing in stores around November.

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