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HTC Touch HD Video

Since I speak both English and French, I prepared the following translation of some of the highlights in the video that the guys at Génération Phone House did of the HTC Touch HD cell phone.

They start by saying that the version they have on hand is not the definitive and final version but that it is almost production.

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Google Street View now on Blackberry

Google Street View

Street View

If you have a Blackberry phone, a Java-Based phone or better yet an Android phone (soon…) you will be happy to know that Google is now making Streetview mobile!

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T-Mobile to Present Android HTC Dream Phone



The first cell phone to officially support Google’s Android platform will be the HTC Dream. T-Mobile will unveil it on September 23rd during a press conference in New York city.


Blackberry Kickstart (or Pearl flip)

Blackberry Kickstart (pearl flip 8220)

Blackberry Kickstart (pearl flip 8220)

Seems that RIM has revealed their latest Blackberry phone. Named the Kickstart at first, now it is being reffered to as the Pearl Flip. It is model number 8220 and from what I’ve been able to read, there will be a version with GPS and another version with WiFi but no version with both.


Sony to have webcast announcing the XPERIA X1 tomorrow



Sony’s latest phone to hit the market will not hit the North American market anytime soon it seems but at least we know it’s coming.

There will be a webcast announcing the launch of the phone in the Europe, Asia and Latin America. Those markets will see the XPERIA X1 starting on September 30th.

Sony XPERIA X1 Webcast

HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD

HTC Touch HD

It’s been just a few months now that we have learned about the HTC Touch Diamond that we are now hearing about another HTC device: The HTC Touch HD.

Seems like HTC doesn’t want to be overtaken by the iPhone…

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