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Dell’s New 12in Laptop: The Inspiron Mini 12

Dell Inspiron Mini 12

Dell Inspiron Mini12

Dell has just announced that the new Inspiron Mini 12 laptop will be available globally sometime in the month of November for around $600.

Dell refers to this product as being a laptop (not a netbook). This sounds rather unusual, as this product runs on an Intel Atom-type CPU which, so far, has been used only by UMPCs and netbooks. Morover, this specific model will run on a “Z” series Atom CPU which was developed for handheld internet tablets, not notebooks.

Here are some specifications:

  • 12-inch display (1280×800)
  • Atom CPU (1.3GHz Z520 or 1.6GHz Z530)
  • 1GB RAM
  • 40, 60, or 80GB hard drive
  • Bluetooth and 802.11b/g
  • Built-in webcam
  • 3G wireless option available in 2009
  • 3 or 6-cell battery (respectively 3h and 6h operating time)
  • 3 USB ports and a 3-in-1 card reader
  • Windows Vista Home Edition (Linux Ubuntu available later)
  • Starting weight of 2.72 and 0.92in at its thinnest point



New Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

Well the Apple event is over, the Apple online store is now re-opened and we know exactly what’s going on.

New MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Both will feature new graphics chips by nVidia. The MacBook will come with the GeForce 9400M processor and the MacBook Pro will come with the same integrated chip but will also add a second graphics chip for when more performance is needed. The second chip on the MacBook Pro is the GeForce 9600M GT.

Battery live on the MacBook and MacBook Pro is rated at 5hrs, but when using the GeForce 9600M GT processor on the MacBook Pro, you get 4hrs instead. The battery and the hard drive are now removable by the user via a lid under the notebook. Continue reading

Apple Sheds Light on Oct. 14 Announcement

Apple's Event Teaser

Apple Event Teaser

Apple has revealed to journalists that notebooks will be the main focus of the October 14th keynote.

The special event will be held in Apple’s Town Hall on the company’s Cupertino campus on Tuesday, October 14th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT. Read more on speculations on the TG Daily web site.

TG Daily