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No Firewire Port on the new MacBooks



Many users have been complaining to Apple after finding out that the firewire port on the new MacBooks has been removed.

Apple has kept Firewire only on the new MacBook Pros but not on the entry-level MacBooks. The previous plastic MacBook had a Firewire port and Apple justified it’s removal by saying that most peripherals are now using USB 2.0 and there should be less and less demand for Firewire as months go by.

This much is true but how about the people that have and want to keep their Firewire devices? I guess they’ll have to go for the more expansive MacBook Pro…



New Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

Well the Apple event is over, the Apple online store is now re-opened and we know exactly what’s going on.

New MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Both will feature new graphics chips by nVidia. The MacBook will come with the GeForce 9400M processor and the MacBook Pro will come with the same integrated chip but will also add a second graphics chip for when more performance is needed. The second chip on the MacBook Pro is the GeForce 9600M GT.

Battery live on the MacBook and MacBook Pro is rated at 5hrs, but when using the GeForce 9600M GT processor on the MacBook Pro, you get 4hrs instead. The battery and the hard drive are now removable by the user via a lid under the notebook. Continue reading

Apple Sheds Light on Oct. 14 Announcement

Apple's Event Teaser

Apple Event Teaser

Apple has revealed to journalists that notebooks will be the main focus of the October 14th keynote.

The special event will be held in Apple’s Town Hall on the company’s Cupertino campus on Tuesday, October 14th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT. Read more on speculations on the TG Daily web site.

TG Daily

$800 Apple MacBook?



How much rumors can you handle? Well, with Apple, there will never be anything sure until they announce it themselves.

According to The Inquisitr, some Apple retailers have received new price lists for a new laptop line that could sell as low as $800. These new laptops could be in the ultra-portable range (or not) and could possibly use the new “Brick” manufacturing process we’ve been hearing about.

All of this is speculation of course…

The Inquisitr

What is Apple’s “Brick”?



Rumors and speculations again from Apple. Everyone’s been talking about the “Brick” by Apple to be unveiled on October 14. Some talked about a Netbook product (like me), some about a metaphor seeing the “Brick” as a “weapon” thrown at Microsoft, and others were talking about a MacMini Pro.

We now have a new insight on the famous “Brick” from 9 to 5 Mac: a new manufacturing process for the new MacBooks where the outer shell would be cut out of a single piece of aluminum to avoid using screws and strengthening the structure.

What’s next Apple!?

9 to 5 Mac via Yahoo! Tech

Still ”One More Thing” for Apple

Apple's MacBook

Apple MacBook

After the last announcement from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs about their latest iPods and iTunes software, there seems to be another ”One more thing” to talk about.

Rumors have it that there will be new MacBooks entering the market between September 28 and October 14. These new MacBooks will feature an all new and slimmer aluminum casing and a LED backlit display. Better yet, Apple will introduce them with an ”aggressively” new low price.

Let’s see what they mean by ”aggressively”…