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Apple to Close iTunes Store. Yeah… Right!



Apple’s business strategy for many of it’s products is based around the iTunes store. So why would they threaten to close it? Well, right now, Apple is paying 9 cents per downloaded song to the artists, they want 15 cents.

The Copyright Royalty Board in Washington, D.C., is scheduled to rule today on a request from the National Music Publishers’ Association to increase royalty rates paid to its members on songs purchased from online music stores like iTunes.

Apple says that they might be forced to close they iTunes store if the fees go up because they might not be profitable anymore.



WiMAX is ON in Baltimore



XOHM turned their WiMAX service “ON” in Baltimore in what is the first of many U.S. towns to get WiMAX coverage in the next year or two.

At launch, mobile WiMAX service plans include a $10 day pass, $25 monthly home Internet service and a $30 monthly mobile service available on any WiMAX device. Special launch pricing includes a $50 “Pick 2 for Life” monthly service option covering two different WiMAX devices.





Universal’s Hulu is a huge success both in terms of subscribed users and also in terms of revenues for the company.

As of now, Hulu is offering video-on-demand streaming of movies and tv shows and this content can be viewed for free over the Internet. Profits to Universal come from advertisement from various companies.

Universal is now looking into offering the same service but this time it would be focused on the music industry. From cNet: The new venture would offer professionally produced music videos as well as other original programming that features the label’s artists.


Mac users: Pirate Like a PC!



Since BitTorrent bought uTorrent back in 2006, they’ve been working on a Mac version of their software but it hasn’t seen the day since yesterday.

A pre-release version of the software is now available through various torrent-download trackers.

The company says that this version should never have been leaked and they discourage Mac users from even using it since it is not stable enough to be released to the public.


Skyfire for Everyone!



Good news to everyone that has a Windows Mobile device: Skyfire is now available as a download for everyone!

Skyfire is a web browser that promises the same experience that you get on a regular computer but this time on your Windows Mobile powered phone or device. You will even be able to play Quicktime and Windows Media files straight from the browser!

You can register to receive the text message with instructions on how to download on their website.


News Update on WiMax in the U.S.



WiMax is going to be great.

Imagine, going anywhere in a city by foot, in a taxi, in your car or at your friend’s house and still having access to all the content you want from the Internet without having to connect to a cell phone company’s network! Speed will surely be better than 3G networks as well.

We don’t have the prices, we don’t have any idea on bandwidth allocation or anything like that. Just a date: October 8. Most major cities will be receiving WiMax coverage by the end of 2010.

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eBay to Force PayPal Payments Only?

eBay & PayPal

eBay & PayPal

Starting in October of 2008 (yes in just a few days), eBay will remove many payment options for most items sold on their auction website leaving only PayPal, ProPay and paying upon pickup.

Is this unfair business practice (or anti-trust)?
eBay says: “It’s for security and consistency”

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