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Microsoft is Still The Software Leader



Microsoft kept it’s title as the world’s software leader by posting optimistic results for the 3rd quarter that closed on September 30.

Revenues were up by 9% on one year at $15.06 billion. Profits were up by 1.8% at $4.37 billion ($0.48 per share).

Although Microsoft posted fairly positive results in the 3rd quarterd comparted to the same period last year, the company has revised their year-end forecast from between $67.3 to $68.1 billion to something between $64.9 and $66.4 billion. This announcement was made because of the slowdown in U.S. and global economy.

The Globe and Mail


Google’s Third Quarter: $1.35 Billion in Profits



Although Google’s profits are down from what they used to be years ago, the search giants still managed to make $1.35 billions in profits for the third quarter of 2008.

Most of these profits are coming from their core search and ads business.

Google’s shares have been trading at up to $385 this afternoon up 8.74% today only.