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$800 Apple MacBook?



How much rumors can you handle? Well, with Apple, there will never be anything sure until they announce it themselves.

According to The Inquisitr, some Apple retailers have received new price lists for a new laptop line that could sell as low as $800. These new laptops could be in the ultra-portable range (or not) and could possibly use the new “Brick” manufacturing process we’ve been hearing about.

All of this is speculation of course…

The Inquisitr

What is Apple’s “Brick”?



Rumors and speculations again from Apple. Everyone’s been talking about the “Brick” by Apple to be unveiled on October 14. Some talked about a Netbook product (like me), some about a metaphor seeing the “Brick” as a “weapon” thrown at Microsoft, and others were talking about a MacMini Pro.

We now have a new insight on the famous “Brick” from 9 to 5 Mac: a new manufacturing process for the new MacBooks where the outer shell would be cut out of a single piece of aluminum to avoid using screws and strengthening the structure.

What’s next Apple!?

9 to 5 Mac via Yahoo! Tech

Apple’s ”Brick” Could be…

Apple Logo


Anything really! At MacDailyNews, they think it might be a Pro version of the Mac Mini. Also there are rumors that it could be a tablet-style notebook.

If you follow the NetBook trend, my guess would be a Mac version of a NetBook (really small MacBook 9” or something but that’s just me 😉 )