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Artists Use The App Store For Promo


P!nk: Funhouse

P!nk, along with LaFace/Zomba Label Group and Sony BMG, has entered yet another new kind of marketing with a free application available on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The application is available on the Apple App Store. Once installed, users will be able to listen to 30-second samples of all tracks available on P!nk’s newest album, Funhouse, which is available today. The application also allows access to restricted fan material such as pictures, videos, biography, etc.

It will only be a matter of time before we see all kinds of applications like this for other artists and let’s bet that the future only holds even more original marketing ideas for the public.

Truphone for BlackBerry



Truphone is a VoIP application that you install on your cell phone and allows you to make cheap (very cheap) international and overseas calls, and it is now available for BlackBerry devices.

Truphone will also be available for other devices (LG, Samsung, HTC, etc.) in the future.

If you own a compatible phone, you can download the software for free on the Truphone website (link bellow), and start saving money now!


Apple UP. Yahoo! DOWN.

Apple & Yahoo! Financial Results

This week saw 3rd quarter results announcements from many companies including Apple and Yahoo!.

While Yahoo! were announcing a 10% workforce reduction, a 64% drop in profits, and an overall goal to cut expenses, Apple were showing optimistic results for the 3rd quarter that ended in September 2008.

Apple, along with its iPhone, is now considered to the be 3rd largest phone distributor behind Nokia and Samsung. Additionnally, iPod and Mac sales were still going strong, and as a result, Apple posted net quarterly profit of $1.14 billion, or $1.26 per diluted share.

What’s Next for Apple?

Apple iMac

Apple iMac

After the notebook event of October 14th, one might be wondering what’s next for Apple.

Consumers thinking of buying an iMac should reconsider and wait as speculations of a new iMac lineup are surfacing around the web. This should happen before the end of the year and most probably before Christmas season.

The iMac is a great product and should not see many asthetic changes but will surely benefit from new and more performant Intel chips along with better graphics processors.


iTunes: 200 Million TV Downloads



Apple has done it again! The iTunes Store has been offering TV shows/series download for only 36 months and they have already hit 200 million downloads.

The iTunes Store offers TV shows and series downloads from NBC, CBS, MTV, HBO, etc. at $1.99 for standard definition and $2.99 for high definition.


No Firewire Port on the new MacBooks



Many users have been complaining to Apple after finding out that the firewire port on the new MacBooks has been removed.

Apple has kept Firewire only on the new MacBook Pros but not on the entry-level MacBooks. The previous plastic MacBook had a Firewire port and Apple justified it’s removal by saying that most peripherals are now using USB 2.0 and there should be less and less demand for Firewire as months go by.

This much is true but how about the people that have and want to keep their Firewire devices? I guess they’ll have to go for the more expansive MacBook Pro…


Android’s “Kill Switch”

Google Android

Google Android

The Android platform is following in Apple’s footsteps as Google has specified in their terms and conditions that it could remotely “remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion”.

This means that they control what you can and cannot use on your own device.

Of course, Google will probably only use this in case certain applications are messing up with the internal components of the software to a point were it could make the device operate outside of their established norms.

Only time will tell.


New Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro

Apple MacBook

Apple MacBook

Well the Apple event is over, the Apple online store is now re-opened and we know exactly what’s going on.

New MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Both will feature new graphics chips by nVidia. The MacBook will come with the GeForce 9400M processor and the MacBook Pro will come with the same integrated chip but will also add a second graphics chip for when more performance is needed. The second chip on the MacBook Pro is the GeForce 9600M GT.

Battery live on the MacBook and MacBook Pro is rated at 5hrs, but when using the GeForce 9600M GT processor on the MacBook Pro, you get 4hrs instead. The battery and the hard drive are now removable by the user via a lid under the notebook. Continue reading

EeeTOP Touch All-In-One PC

EeeTOP All-In-One PC


Asus is finally offering their new touchscreen EeePC to the world!

You might have thought that it would be another netbook but this time, Asus is surprising us once again with this new all-in-one, mini-iMac clone that also reminds me of a really small version of the HP TouchSmart PC. This computer comes with Windows XP Home edition.

Here are the main specs from

  • Intel ATOM (1.6GHz/533MHz FSB/512K Cache)
  • 1GB RAM (DDR2 667)
  • 160GB HD (SATAII 5400rpm)
  • Shared Graphics (128MB)
  • 15.6″ (16:10 Wide Panel) TouchScreen Display

The Boy Genius Report

Apple Sheds Light on Oct. 14 Announcement

Apple's Event Teaser

Apple Event Teaser

Apple has revealed to journalists that notebooks will be the main focus of the October 14th keynote.

The special event will be held in Apple’s Town Hall on the company’s Cupertino campus on Tuesday, October 14th at 10am PDT/ 1pm EDT. Read more on speculations on the TG Daily web site.

TG Daily