Electric Mini: Drivers Wanted.



BMW released some information about their upcoming all-electric vehicle, the MINI E.

The car will only be available as a one-year lease from BMW. You will be able to register on MiniUSA’s web site (link bellow) in mid-November 2008. Only 500 lucky drivers will qualify for the “test lease”.

This car will rely solely on electric power. The MINI E will be equipped with a large battery pack that promises a 150 mile range on a single charge that should take approximately 2½ hours. Performance should be similar to the current Mini lineup with a 0-60 speed of 8.5 seconds.

Due to the size of the battery pack, the new MINI E will be a two-seater only (not that the rear seats on the normal version were of any real use!).

This is a first step for BMW in the all-electric vehicle market and they are advertising it as a “test”. From MiniUSA’s web site: “In this limited introduction, we will be seeking up to 500 pioneers to lease the MINI E for a one-year period and provide feedback to our research team. In turn, this critical learning about the MINI E’s performance in real-world settings will help inform BMW Group’s future engineering of alternative drivetrain vehicles viable for mass-production.”

The Register Hardware UK


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