Online Office Apps Eating Part of the MS Office Pie



It’s no secret that Microsoft Office is the most used desktop office application suite in the business world. What is surprising, is that more and more businesses are switching from desktop office applications to online suites.

Zoho and Google Apps are the most popular ones. Zoho has now over 400,000 users and Google Apps has over 500,000 users. Big names like GE, L’Oréal and now Washington DC are going this way for various reasons.

These online office suites offer everything a business should need, CRM software, invoicing, inventory management, HRIS management software, word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, online collaborating, database creating, project management, complete email management, etc. All of this is secure and backed up daily so there is no need for a business to have any servers back at their location.

Also, there is no need to update to the latest version every couple of years, as this is all included. This in turn can save businesses a lot of money.

Microsoft has not yet said their last word on this and I’m sure they are cooking something up to have their own online suite very shortly, because if they don’t they will then loose yet another battle to Google (and Zoho).

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