slotMusic to Replace CDs?



Everyone knows that music CD sales are dropping year after year because of the new digital formats available (and piracy). In fact, CD sales dropped 19% last year and digital download are becoming more and more popular.

Starting just in time for Christmas, you will be able to buy your DRM-free music on a microSD card. This card will be packaged with a USB dongle that allows the music to be read in hardware that support microSD (cell phones and multimedia players like some of the Creative ones) as well as other devices that support USB only (computers, laptops, USB-equiped HiFi systems, etc.)

From TG Daily: A new format introduced by EMI, Sony BMG, Universal and Warner Bros called slotMusic might be the solution to the increasingly slower CD sales market and will be available initially through a range U.S. retailers such as Best Buy and Wal-Mart. Sandisk is developing the hardware and software technology, which is based on the microSD format.

TG Daily


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