Ticketmaster’s Paperless Ticketing is a Success



You get in line to get to your seat at the big event… you get nervous… you don’t have a ticket!

The guy at the counter asks you for your credit card and photo ID, scan’s your card, sees that you purchased your ticket online (or on the phone) and let’s you in. What a relief. It works ! Welcome to paperless ticketing by Ticketmaster.

The primary goal of this system is not to avoid paper waste or for saving money by not having to print tickets and send them by mail (although they do save lots!) but rather to avoid having scalpers sell tickets for 3 times the price and to secure the best seats for the real fans that are part of fanclubs like it was the case for Tom Waits, Metallica and soon AC/DC.

The Hollywood Reporter


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  1. Ken Swank on

    How can Ticketmaster say that their time saving paperless ticket is a success? 1.Parents buying for their kids have to be present for entry. 2. No longer giving tickets as gifts. 3. Concerts all over the county are being delayed by huge lines at the gate due to technical problems. Call it what it is: A ploy to keep all of the money for themselves. Peoples lives change, I may have an emergency or change in plans and can’t use the tickets. Now I have to eat those tickets because they’re non-transferable to someone else. I say B.S. I bought them, I should have an option to get rid of them instead losing my money. Ticketmaster>>> You are not my God.

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