HTC Touch HD Video

Since I speak both English and French, I prepared the following translation of some of the highlights in the video that the guys at Génération Phone House did of the HTC Touch HD cell phone.

They start by saying that the version they have on hand is not the definitive and final version but that it is almost production.

They have 3 phones, the iPhone, the Samsung i900 and the new HTC Touch HD in this video. Their comments on the WVGA 800 X 480 screen is that the resolution is really impressive and the pixels are really sharp. For navigation, on the diamond, you had to press on the screen for it to react but on the HD, no need to do that as just touching is enough. It’s Very sensitive and fluid.

Browsing the web on this device is done through Opera.

The 4 buttons at the bottom of the phone under the screen are not press buttons but touch sensitive buttons. There is a volume control slider on the side, a 3.5” headphone jack,  FM radio, 5 MegaPix camera with autofocus, but no flash, a magnetic stylus and accelerometer that they show off.

They compare their website on the iPhone and on the Touch HD and it seems that the layout of the Opera browser is better than Safari Mobile.

The phone is equipped with GPS and aGPS and comes with GoogleMaps by default.
For pictures, they find that the quality is much better on the Touch HD than on the iPhone.
The YouTube application is much faster on the iPhone than on the Touch HD.

During the demo, they criticize windows mobile because they say that if it wasn’t for the TouchFlo 3D interface, that this phone would not be usable.

The phone is made of soft plastic on the back and on the sides and the camera is protected by what feels like a metal casing.


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